Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hello all! Just a reminder that my short story, Winter Rose, is now available for a FREE read at Manic Readers!


Tristan Shepherd has vowed never to end up like his father, a passive dreamer who drowns his sorrows in too much whiskey. Tristan makes the difficult decision to pack up his camera equipment and travel the world, intent on following his dreams.

He never imagined when he left his life, and his love, in Alaska to ‘find himself’ he’d be leaving behind the very thing he’d set out to discover; his heart’s true passion. Months into his sojourn he realizes home is where his heart is and returns intent on reclaiming the real treasure he almost let slip through his fingers.

Noelle Hillerman is devastated when Tristan discloses his plans to leave Alaska; to leave her. The daughter of an archeologist and a wildlife conservationist herself, she understands his wanderlust; having been part of his life long enough to know his father’s broken dreams haunt him, she understands his fears.

Even though she believes it’s best to let him go without condition, could she truly open her heart and trust him again if he did return?