Sunday, July 31, 2011


Hello all! First, thank you for stopping by today! This is my first attempt at Six Sentence Sunday. Be sure to check out the other writer's offerings!

Choosing the first six sentences to post wasn't easy, but this is from one of my favorite scenes in Skin Deep - Emily and Rick's first kiss which happens after an unexpected, and emotionally painful, run-in with her ex-fiance ...

"Don't…don't kiss me because you feel sorry for me," she said, her voice barely a ragged whisper.

 "I'm not about to kiss you because I feel sorry for you." His warm breath danced across her lips. 

This is what it should feel like…the earth shifting under your feet…butterflies in your stomach…heartbeat quickening…that shiver in your spine…a stirring deep within your very core?

When Rick slipped his arms around her waist, a shiver coursed through her as their bodies touched, now face to face, chest to chest, thigh to thigh. A slow heat simmered just under the surface and she wanted to feel more. Reaching up, she moved her hands through his hair before wrapping her arms around his neck, urging him closer, melting into him.