Monday, May 14, 2012

~ My Soul to Keep Contest ~

I'm hosting a contest for the month of May. Of course, no purchase is necessary, but you do need to download my FREE read from SCP, My Soul to Keep, an erotic paranormal (ghost). 

Below are several questions from My Soul to Keep. Answer any one of them correctly and you'll be entered into a contest to win your choice of a $30.00 Amazon or Secret Cravings Gift Card…winner's choice! Answer two correctly, you'll earn two chances to win, and so on. Contest ends midnight, May 31st and the winner will be announced by Saturday, June 2nd!


Special Agent Analiese Valentine – aka "Val" – lived and died for her career. Possessing a sixth sense for as long as she could remember, Val always knew she was different – and so did everyone else. So different, in fact, her own mother – apparently unable to tolerate her daughter's unusual gifts – abandoned her, forging internal scars so deep most relationships, if any, were cultivated at a safe distance. A near-tragic accident opens unexpected doors – some otherworldly – changing her life in ways she'd never imagined possible.

Dr. Maxwell "Max" Thornton, a psychiatrist, ironically lives an almost reclusive life except for his practice. Although his empathic abilities allow him to help his patients in ways most practitioners never could, the effort is taxing, at times debilitating. Keeping a limited and selective clientele, he manages to pursue a career and maintain his sanity, convinced normal relationships are out of the realm of his reach.

When a guarded agent and a reluctant empath cross paths, unexpected revelations occur and a delicate thread binds them to one another as a predetermined Fate begins to unfold, sending them plummeting into a war between good and evil.

 Now for the questions ...

     1.  What is the name of the ghost that 'haunts' Val?

     2.  What city does Val get shipped off to after the incident in Atlantic City?

     3.  What is the name of the movie theater owned by Max?

     4.  What does the dark entity that attacks Val in her apartment want from her?

There you go! Good luck to everyone! My greatest hope is that you'll enjoy the story so far and realize you just have to find out what happens next!



  1. 1. You just referred to him as the Port Newark Ghost.
    2.} Las Vegas
    3.} The Kensington Cinema
    4.} He wants her help.

  2. Yes, I do want to know what happens next
    1-the Port Newrk ghost
    2-Las Vegaas
    3- The K3nsington Cinema
    4-the 14 page snipet that I read didn't that scene in it.

    1. Thank you! So glad you want to read more too! And I appreciate you bringing to light the link was for the old SCP download page. :-)

  3. 1. no clue!
    2. Bethesda, MD
    3. The Kensington Cinema
    4. it doesn't say

  4. Ladies ... my sincerest apologies! When BooksR4forever123 mentioned a 14 page snippet, I had to go look as they story is far beyond that. For SOME reason, the link I posted takes you to an old page that downloads an older version. I am going to post the UPDATED link for everyone!

  5. I definitely want to read more. Thanks for the tease, Layla. Now how long do I have to wait for the rest?

    1. Theodore
    2. San Diego
    3. The Kensington
    4. Her Soul

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at

    1. Thank you Kathryn! I'm thrilled you liked it so far. Each week there will be a new installment until the story ends!

  6. Thank you for the excerpt...I did get the shorter one at first but went back and discovered that there was a 62 page version once I realized I didn't know what you were talking about in your fourth question. It is an intriguing story, thank you for sharing.
    The ghost is Theodore, she has been transferred to San Diego (unwillingly), the theater is the Kensington and the attacker wants her soul.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to download and read the story so far! I am always glad to hear when someone enjoys it as well!

  7. Awesome read Layla,
    Now I HAVE to get the rest of the series!
    1. Theodore is the ghost that 'haunts' Val

    2. Val gets shipped off to San Diego, CA

    3. The movie theater owned by Max is The Kensington Cinema

    4. The dark entity that attacks Val in her apartment
    wants her soul.

    Mindy :)

    1. Thank you Mindy! *grins* That means so much to me. As much as I LOVE to write, what I love more is having readers enjoy what I've written. Check back every Wednesday for the next new installment!

  8. Contest if officially closed! I will announce a winner tomorrow! Good luck to everyone and a SINCERE thank you to all who read My Soul to Keep!

  9. And the winner of the contest, chosen by random via is ... Kathryn! Congrats to you! I'll be e-mailing you shortly.

    I also want to thank everyone else who read My Soul to Keep and entered!