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The 100th Sunday Snog / Sharing a Kiss Fundraiser

Sunday, September 22nd through Friday, September 27th!

In my opinion there is nothing as intimate as a kiss, and nothing more memorable than a first kiss. Today I am going to share with you the first kiss between Emily and Rick from my erotic contemporary novella, Skin Deep. First, here's a little about Skin Deep ...

Emily Monroe, a statuesque high school English teacher, is convinced that getting a tattoo to cover the remnants of her brush with Morphea is the only option left to open the door to self-acceptance, allowing her to finally move on with her life after the devastating diagnosis left more than physical scars in its wake.

Rick Sutton, owner of Skin Deep, a successful tattoo shop, has his own cross to bear. Crippling guilt and the specter of unrequited justice overshadow every aspect of his life, trapping him within the haunted corridors of his heart and soul; until the day Emily walks into his shop.

Instantly, he recognizes a kindred spirit in Emily, and a tenuous bond is formed. When the intimidating yet teddy-bear of a man offers her a glimpse into his passionate side, she is moved by what she sees and takes a leap of faith. Together they traverse the physical and emotional journey of freeing themselves of their perceived flaws, an erotic undertaking that proves to them beauty is only Skin Deep.

If you have a moment to watch the trailer for Skin Deep …

Now it's time to get lost in their first kiss ...

His face changed from confusion to anger. "Damn it Em! What the fuck did this guy do to you?" Stalking towards her, he backed her against the car. "I know you are upset and at the risk of crossing another line…"

He placed his hands against the car, on either side of her face, his lips only inches from hers, waiting for an answer.

The night grew silent. Looking up, she held his gaze, blue eyes searching his for any sign of empathy. He stepped back then, moving his hands to his hips and staring up at the night sky. Drawing in deep breaths, she could only assume he was trying to calm himself.

Granted he seemed an imposing figure in the best of circumstances, but when angry, as he now appeared, he became even more intimidating. She wasn't afraid of him though, just the opposite.

Wanting to answer him, she searched for the words, but they wouldn't come easily. He waited.

"After a seven year relationship during which he asked me to marry him several times, I finally agreed. We set a date, booked a church and planned our reception. We planned our honeymoon, sent out invitations and then…I was diagnosed with Morphea. I tried to keep it hidden from him, afraid of his reaction, I guess…you saw him; he's flawless in an anal, metro sexual sort of way."

Em searched his face before continuing. The dejected look was still there even though he tried to hide it. Reaching out, she brushed a stray lock of hair from his forehead, remembering how he’d come to her rescue tonight.

"One day, he walked in on me in the bathroom and…God, the look on his face." Fighting the urge to look away, she recalled the open disgust clearly etched on Daniel's face. "I had to tell him then and even though it seemed as if he would be all right with my condition, I couldn't erase his initial reaction from my mind."

Tears spilled freely now but she didn't care. "The night of the rehearsal dinner he surprised me with a heartfelt, romantic toast and for the first time, I actually allowed myself believe he was okay with all of this. And then…on the morning of our wedding, I received a text. He was having cold feet and sorry, but he couldn't go through with it." Embarrassment colored her cheeks, forcing her to look away.

"What a son of a bitch! But Em…the minute you thought you had to hide your condition from him should have been the instant you realized he wasn’t the man for you. The guy is a fucking dick! Leaving a woman like you because of what? A few friggin' spots?" Grumbling under his breath, he ran those large hands roughly through his hair, the gentle breeze catching stray strands here and there.

The raw fury of his rant struck a chord deep within, and without thinking she stood on tiptoe capturing his face in her palms and kissed him. The gesture, impulsive and brief, bore the depth and weight of her heartache.

She jumped back, her ass hitting the car door. "I'm sorry…I shouldn't have done that. I crossed the line this time and…"

He quieted her rambling by placing his index finger upon trembling lips. Taking a step closer, he sent her heartbeat racing within her chest. A little flutter stirred in the pit of her stomach, along with something else.

 The moment her lips met his, a jolt of electricity tore through her, an instant response to his proximity. Never had she experienced such a powerful reaction with Daniel.

Leaning forward, he cupped her face within large hands. For what seemed like an eternity, his lips hovered just above hers, his gaze searching for any sign she wanted him to stop.

 It had been years since Emily had kissed someone, no less wanted to be kissed. After Daniel's blatant rejection, she’d shut down, allowing herself to feel nothing.

Until Rick. Admittedly, the interest and curiosity had been there all along, but something about tonight resonated deep within her soul, touching her heart.

"Don't…don't kiss me because you feel sorry for me," she said, her voice barely a ragged whisper.

 "I'm not about to kiss you because I feel sorry for you." His warm breath danced across her lips.  

This is what it should feel like…the earth shifting under your feet… butterflies in your stomach…heartbeat quickening…that shiver in your spine…a stirring deep within your very core?

When Rick slipped his arms around her waist, a shiver coursed through her as their bodies touched, now face to face, chest to chest, thigh to thigh. A slow heat simmered just under the surface and she wanted to feel more. Reaching up, she moved her hands through his hair before wrapping her arms around his neck, urging him closer, melting into him. 

Letting loose a small sigh, she pressed herself against him, lips parting in invitation, one he eagerly accepted by delivering a tender yet hungry kiss that promised of something more, something richer and deeper than she’d ever felt before.

Nothing else existed but this moment, this stolen moment in a wind-blown parking lot with a remarkable teddy-bear of a man who made her feel more like a woman than she had in a decade.  The effects of his lips traversed her entire body, from the top of her head to the tips of her toes and she was lost, in no hurry to be found.

 His hands moved up and down her back, slow, unassuming. In response, she opened for him further, Rick tasting dark and dangerous, the feel of his tongue sliding against hers more sensual than she could have imagined. Drawing in a quick breath, she slipped deeper into his embrace, raising her arms up and over his back, her fingers drifting through his thick hair.

The soft strains of music and laughter drifted towards them on the wind and she knew this moment was just that, a moment. But one not likely to be forgotten.

When his lips left hers, they took with him welcome warmth, leaving behind an all-too familiar chill.

 "Kiss me again?" she whispered and stretched towards him, tentatively brushing her mouth against his lower lip. Laughing out loud, he pulled her close as his mouth covered hers in a searching kiss, waking her body as if from a deep sleep.

 She brushed the tip of her tongue across his bottom lip, eliciting a soft moan from him, and he mimicked her, engaging her in a sensual dance as she lost herself in his arms once again.


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