Friday, November 8, 2013

Secret Cravings Veteran's Day Blog Hop / Wounded Warriors Project

Welcome! I am honored to be participating in the 2nd Wounded Warriors Blog Hop with Secret Cravings Publishing! First and foremost, to all of our brave servicemen/women,
I want to say ...
Thank You!

These two simple words never feel as though they are enough considering the sacrifices made, yet saying them can mean so much!

But I think you'll agree with me that we need to do more. Thank you is a good place to start but whether we choose to volunteer with one of the many organizations dedicated to helping our heroes, at home or abroad, I feel we honor their sacrifices by giving of ourselves anywhere in our community.

I am going to pledge at least 8 to 10 hours per month, volunteering and giving back! Just imagine what we could accomplish if everyone donated at least an hour, no less ten or more ...

Will you join me?

I know there are many blogs to visit, so I won't keep you long. In honor of our servicemen/women currently serving, our Wounded Warriors, and all our veterans, I am giving away several prizes:

 * Two (2) PDF copies of my e-book, Skin Deep, an erotic contemporary novella;
 * Two (2) PDF copies of my erotic short story, Whisper Sweet Nothings; and
 * Two (2) $5.00 Gift Certificates to Secret Cravings Publishing;
 * One SURPRISE box filled with lots of swag!
All you need to do to be entered for one of these prizes is leave a comment ... but not for me.

Instead, I want all who participate to leave a comment for our brave and beloved servicemen and women. Consider this a special place to leave a message in honor of, or on behalf of a loved one, or to any of our servicemen/women in general. Take as much space as you need ... there's no limit one can put on words from the heart.

I will print out the comments and include them in letters I am sending through Soldier's Angels!

In addition to the above prizes, I will donate at least $30 for 30 comments to Wounded Warriors Project but this year, I'll donate up to $100 for 100 comments!

The contest will run through Monday, November 11th and end at midnight. Winners will be announced and notified on Tuesday. Be sure to leave your e-mail address at the end of your comment so I can contact you if you're a winner! Winners will be chosen by!

Be sure to visit all the Secret Cravings Publishing authors participating in the

If you'd like more information about the Wounded Warrior Project, be sure to visit their website!

Thank you again for stopping by and be sure to tell your friends about our Wounded Warrior Blog Hop!

XOXO Layla Hunter XOXO 


  1. Thank you for participating in the Wounded Warrior Blog Hop! Our wounded heroes deserve our respect and support. My husband and I are also veterans, and when we go out, he wears his Desert Storm ball cap. It always warms my heart when someone stops to thank him for his service.

  2. Lovely blog, I enjoyed reading it :)

  3. Than you for your service. Without the brave men and women who serve in our military we would not have the honor of living in a wonderful, peaceful and free country!

  4. Thank you, family members in the military, my beloved husband, brother, father, and forebears. You endured so much to keep us safe. Thank you, all past and present military members. I appreciate you and would not be writing without you.

  5. You are definitely right in saying Thank You isn't enough. At least with this hop we can help in our own way

  6. You are right: volunteering is a wonderful way to show our support. I want to thank all our active military and veterans for protecting this great country.

  7. It's a great cause. I'm glad you're participating...and what a great pledge to volunteer!
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  8. Thanks for supporting such a great cause!

  9. Thank you to all the servicemen and servicewomen. It's because of what you do and the sacrifices you've made that gives us the freedom to do what we love to do. Thank you!

  10. A huge thank you to all veterans and those currently serving so that we can enjoy safety and freedom. We cannot overstate our gratitude for their sacrifice.

    And thank you, Layla, for a way for us to express our thanks!